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Ideal Washing Machine Repair Alhambra CA

If your washer is on the edge of no return, then don’t panic, take your phone and call Appliance Repair Alhambra, CA. We repair almost all brands of washing machines such as LG, Samsung and whirlpool washing machine and also stock all common washing machine parts and products. With years of our working and servicing the residents of Alhambra city, and our quality of advices, our vastly experienced washing machine technicians can be trusted to sort out the most complicated of issues too.
We take great pride in providing quick Alhambra, CA Alhambra washing machine repair service to a wide range of washing machines across for most brands. If your washing machine is beyond repairable, then we have replacement service in which we can supply used and new machines, washer parts, installation and can dispose your old washing machine and all the related packaging! If you’re after a negotiation, you'll be pleased to know that our rates are most competitive in the city, beating those of big stores! We can fix most washer problems on the spot at your location.
If any of the below mentioned issues sound familiar to you, contact us for some prompt washing machine repair:
• Leaking or Noisy washer
• Slow fill
• Washing machine not draining
• Washing machine has lost its spin
• Dirty and oily mark on washed clothes
• Other washing ability issues
No matter what problem is there with your washing machine, you’ll find advices, washing machine repair help or replacement with us. For your washing machine repairs, call our technicians.